Tatiana Cabral Sage


Tatiana has been working in the special education setting for nearly ten years. Majority of her training and education has focused on reading and language intervention. She completed her B.A. at Florida Atlantic University, and then went on to complete her Master of Education in Special Education at Pennsylvania State University. She is currently attending Nova Southeastern University in pursuit of her Doctorate in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education.

 Tatiana is the designated reading specialist at CPS. She works with students in small groups and in one-on-one sessions to improve their reading fluency, phonemic and phonological awareness, and comprehension skills through multisensory, evidence-based interventions. Tatiana is passionate about making reading, writing, and language fun for children and adolescents, as she helps create individualized reading programs based on proven interventions to promote growth, boost self-esteem, and achieve progress.

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