Mikaela Rizzo

Psy.D., Post-Doctoral Resident

Dr. Mikaela Rizzo is a compassionate psychologist specializing in school psychology, with a strong focus on psychoeducational and school-neuropsychological evaluations. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology from Nova Southeastern University and brings with her a wealth of experience gathered during her training in clinics, private schools, and hospital settings.

Driven by the inspiring examples set by her parents—an educational consultant (mother) and a school neuropsychologist (father)—Dr. Rizzo is deeply committed to the well-being of children and the community.

In her current role, Dr. Rizzo works collaboratively with children and their families to provide comprehensive evaluations. She places great importance on her relationships with schools, where she strives to address the individual needs of each child, while also honoring the unique culture and ethos of each school.

The primary aim of the assessments conducted by Dr. Rizzo isn’t solely focused on diagnosis but rather on utilizing the valuable insights gained to facilitate the development of effective accommodations and support plans. These assessments serve as a critical foundation upon which Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans are built. By comprehensively understanding an individual’s strengths, challenges, and unique needs, Dr. Rizzo can create tailored strategies and accommodations that empower children to thrive in their development. The goal is to harness the assessment findings as a roadmap for providing the necessary resources, accommodations, and support systems that enable each child to reach their full potential. Dr. Rizzo’s dedication, warmth, and proficiency make her an invaluable advocate for children and adolescents who are striving for academic and emotional success.

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