Titles/Job title

Loretta McIntosh has over 30 years of experience in all areas of Special Education /ESE services. She has been employed as an Inclusion, Self-Contained and Resource Room teacher. While working in Buffalo, New York, Loretta also served as an Educational Tester and was part of the Initial Placement and Triennial Review teams for students with Learning Disabilities. After relocating to Florida, Loretta continued working with students with various learning styles including employment in an Alternative Education program. She stepped away from the education field to manage a vocational testing center which eventually led to employment with the Florida State Department of Labor where she helped adults eliminate barriers to employment and then secure jobs. Loretta then returned to the educational field where she was eventually employed as a Staffing Specialist and determined which students qualified for ESE services. Besides having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education (N-6), Loretta has a Master’s degree in Special Education and is a certified ESOL teacher. Loretta has participated in numerous trainings in reading techniques and was most recently trained in the Lindamood-Bell method. Loretta is the Director of the Bridge Program in Naples, Florida along with Assistant Director Olivia Kinnear. Loretta also teaches small group reading and math interventions.


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