Jenelly Sotomayor


Jenelly Sotomayor is a Clinical Psychologist completing her post-doctoral residency at Child Provider Specialists. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Florida International University in 2016, where she gained extensive experience in working with children with ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders. Jenelly received her Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in 2022. She also completed an APA accredited internship here at CPS, as is currently working toward becoming licensed by the state of Florida in the next year.  


Throughout her years of clinical work, Jenelly has worked with children, providing therapy and conducting assessments. Prior to joining CPS, she worked in multiple settings administering psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations, in English and Spanish. She has presented on several related topics in the community and has experience in parent trainings for emotional and behavioral concerns. Jenelly’s current role as a post-doctoral resident includes conducting psychological evaluations, providing feedback to parents, and joining school reviews to discuss evaluation results.

Dr.Rizzo's Philosphy

Dr. Rizzo’s philosophy is that no child should have to endure the journey toward adulthood that he took. By specializing in the cutting edge science of the brain, he has dedicated his life to ensuring that he, and those he mentored, prevent this for as many children as they can.

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