Subject Specific Tutoring

We are not a traditional tutoring center, nor do we have an interest in being such. When one has exhausted the Sylvans, Huntington’s, Koalas, Mathnasiums, and other traditional tutoring sources that do indeed help many kids, and little progress is seen, that is when we can help.

Our educational coaches are trained in more prescriptive methodologies to teach reading, writing and math, that take into consideration the constellation of cognitive strengths and weaknesses that underlie learning. Typically, the children our educational coaches work with have had extensive school neuropsychological evaluations that provide our team with very detailed information as it relates to the cognitive systemic weaknesses that are contributing to slow growth in higher level knowledge (reading, writing, math and at times language). With this information on hand, very prescriptive methodologies to assist with academic gains, taking into consideration deeper level systemic barriers that need to be improved or worked around, is provided.


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We make sure that your child gets help. Whether it's finding them the right school, or creating a comprehensive IOP, we're with you every step of the way.

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