Peer Support & Mentorship Groups

Social challenges are widely varied and exist for a multitude of reasons, but despite the cause, all children want to be accepted by their peers. Through the combination of social skills training and group support, children can be taught how to earn peer acceptance, initiate friendships, and act appropriately so that others will want to engage their company.

At CPS, we understand the value of such “people” skills and have thus put in place numerous programs to assist children in need of social skills development and peer support. 

Families interested in learning more about available groups in their community should contact Sandra Cirulnick at (954) 577-3396 to arrange an intake meeting, where each child’s unique needs and the appropriateness of our groups for meeting those needs will be discussed.

Coach Crash’s Mentorship Program

In many situations, a child simply needs direction from a strong male role model in order to make significant social, emotional, and behavioral changes. For the last several summers, we have had the privilege of joining forces with former Miami Dolphin Jim “Crash” Jensen in order to provide our children with opportunities to socialize with their peers under the leadership of a man who by example is teaching them the skills they ought to emulate. 

Because of the huge success of the summer programs and the impact he has had on our kids, Coach Crash has joined CPS full force and is now offering his mentorship program throughout the school year. 


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