Neurodiversity is Not a Bad Thing

When Your Child Is Struggling and Frustrated,

There Is Always a Reason

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Hackie Reitman, the author of “Aspertools: The Practical Guide to Understanding and Embracing Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Neurodiversity” (

He also recently wrote and produced his first feature film, “The Square Root of 2”
(; starring Darby Stanchfield of ABC’s hit TV show “Scandal.” Dr. Reitman provided some great exposure to my cause upon being interviewed by the Miami Herald about his book.

Since then, we have begun a great collaborative partnership. Together, we are creating an important force to spread awareness of the “neurodiverse.” Along with other dedicated experts, Dr. Reitman and I are creating a resource for any business, corporation, municipality, police station, firehouse, hospital, or household that requires assistance in understanding how different brains work and what they are capable of.

We will be teaming up with Lynne Wines, the former CEO of two different banks and the United Way of Broward County. Lynne will be using this resource in her upcoming university fellowship in Boston, and will help launch this endeavor at an international level.

Click here to watch a portion of the interview, previously mentioned, which took place in Dr. Reitman’s studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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