Individual & Family Therapy

At CPS, highly trained clinicians are available to provide individual and family psychotherapy to children and their families. Although every treatment plan is specifically tailored to the needs of the child and his or her family, three basic approaches to psychotherapy are typically combined and utilized to varying degrees when working with clients.

First, our therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients identify the thoughts that lead to negative feelings and behaviors and to change those thoughts, subsequently improving the areas of difficulty.

Secondly, we realize that the child cannot be viewed in isolation; therefore, a Family Systems approach is utilized to evaluate the dynamics of the family and how each individual’s role in the family contributes to the perceived area of difficulty.

Finally, underlying all of our therapy is the humanistic theory that each individual is unique and will demonstrate greater levels of growth when provided with a safe, nurturing, and accepting environment; thus, it is our goal to provide such an environment in our therapy sessions.


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