Executive Function Coaching

In our practice, our Executive Function Coaches take on both the roles of a coach and a mentor. 

When one thinks of a coach, traditionally the idea of a sports coach comes to mind. It would be quite normal for one to work with a coach to help them achieve their goal in a sport. A mentor goes above and beyond the role of a coach. Once one has gained a great deal of life experience in a specific field, such as managing academic tasks and achieving success in school,  they are positioned to give advice and act as a role model, as they are able to empathize with setbacks,  and support a person in a more wide range way to gain self-confidence and mastery beyond the basic focus of solely coaching on a skill. 


Coaching and mentoring does not focus on the past but instead on the present and the future. Setting goals, measuring movement toward such goals, adjusting those goals as needed, and assessing obstacles to reaching one’s goals are all a part of the process.

In addition to working on executive function skill development, our work will involve maximizing the use of technology and accommodations as an aid to be a more successful student, understanding and managing parents’ and teachers’ expectations, creating access to teachers when possible for additional support, selecting appropriate course work for future years (balancing one’s schedule), setting long term goals, and responding in a positive manner to set-backs. The list goes on and is unique to each individual student.

There are only two ways to get good at these things – the hard way by trial and error, or with the support and guidance of one of our EF Coaches.


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